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Learn to Shoot


Clay shooting is a safe and exciting sport, using shotguns to break clays that can be delivered in a variety of formats, from different directions and at different speeds. We can provide everything from simple layouts for the beginner to fast and high birds for the expert.


If you have your own shotgun and ammunition, you can use them; alternatively, we can supply both 12 bore and smaller calibres for your use. Many people find that it is more comfortable to use a smaller gun, for example a 20 bore, and it is just as good at breaking clays!


Lessons are typically one to one, but we can cater for small groups of friends who want to learn together. Please see our Prices page for more details.


Mixed lessons are fun; they give you a chance to take a break and compliment your friends on their improving skill!


Safety is our paramount concern. We will provide safety glasses and ear protection for all participants and it is important that you listen to and comply with your trainer's instructions at all times. As you gain in confidence and ability, you will have a greater input into the lesson, but always remember the safety rules that your instructor will impart at the beginning of the lesson.

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