The Stock Extension


Gun fit is a huge subject on its own and is far more important than most people realise. After buying a new gun or wondering why you don’t hit as many as you used to, never be tempted to think “oh I will probably get used to it”. You won’t, and why should you?


Basically, there are three things to think about (actually there are far more than that but we can discuss those with you on the shooting ground). They are: length of stock, cast (the way the stock bends to one side or another), and drop (the amount the stock height drops away from the level of the barrels). Each one is vitally important and must be correct to a fraction of an inch to make for good, natural and consistent shooting.


The gun in the pictures below was far too short for its new owner but he liked the gun and wanted to use it. We had to increase the stock length by a fairly large amount but he now shoots well with it and enjoys it.

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