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Peter Gardner Gunsmith operates from a fully equipped workshop in the village of Sherington.  Using techniques handed from father to son, we are able to craft bespoke parts and repair pieces that others may consider beyond repair.  We can also provide custom-made items of metalwork and woodwork to your requirements.

The Revolving Rifle


When a customer came in and said he wanted a revolving rifle it didn't sound like too much of an issue. He then followed up by saying "and I want it with a silencer, a cheek piece for a left hander and a night sight". We were already wondering if such a thing even existed when he said "I want it in .357 magnum, oh yes, and I want an exhibition walnut case"! We had never seen or even heard of such a thing let alone dreamed anyone would want one and were just about to tell him so when he pulled the ace out of the pack.  "I cant find one and no one else has got one; can you make me one?"


Click on the picture above to read how this project became a major part of our lives for the next 4 years.

The Walnut Hand Grips


We were asked to make a new set of walnut hand grips for a Colt revolver.  The original grips were plastic and one had split; they also didn't feel right 'in the hand' to the owner.  He wanted to personalise his gun with a new set of hand-crafted grips.


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The Stock Extension


Gun fit is a huge subject on its own and is far more important than most people realise. After buying a new gun or wondering why you don’t hit as many as you used to, never be tempted to think “oh I will probably get used to it”. You won’t, and why should you?


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