Saturday Open Practice

Please note Fibre Wads Only


Experienced shots are welcome to the Saturday open practice at the Sherington Shooting Centre. If you have never visited us before, please call for directions. The session runs from 1:00pm until 4:00pm; ammunition is available and shooting is charged by the round.


This is a friendly format and there is always an instructor or a fellow-shooter available to give advice, or just to compliment you on your shooting prowess!


Saturday practice can involve one or many of the disciplines we offer, including skeet, sportrap and sporting. It is up to you what you do and how much you shoot. With our naturally-maintained spinney and pond, a large variety of sporting layouts are possible and can include one or two very tricky ones, where all you get is a fleeting glimpse of a small, high bird.


The Saturday open practice is suitable only for those shots with some experience. While there are instructors always available to ensure safety, this is not a suitable format for a complete beginner. We would recommend learning the basics of clay shooting and, very importantly, gun safety, through a private lesson, before attending the Saturday practice.


You must wear eye and ear protection at all times while on the shooting ground. We can supply safety glasses and ear plugs for a small charge.

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