If the worst happens and your gun breaks down, you may see the broken component. Unfortunately we hear all too often: "I saw the ......had broken so I took it out and threw it away. Can you order me a new one please?"


Often new parts are available for modern guns but the parts change over time and locating pieces for even a ten-year-old gun can be very difficult and sometimes impossible. You would be amazed at what can be repaired or have metal welded on and reshaped, drilled, tapped, screwed, milled or turned, etc. The higher-quality guns and most old guns are hand-made so even a part from one gun will not fit or work in another gun of the same model and year.


We really do take pride in mending broken pieces and getting your gun back to its former self. This is one reason we are gunsmiths, not gun part fitters.

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