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The Zoli XL-EVO perfectly completes the Z-Gun range. It represents the fundamental aspects that distinguish the whole range, and goes on to reach even further. The XL-EVO is a gun dedicated to the expert shooter requiring a professional, as well as customizable gun and is a truly unique model on the market.

Unlike the other models in the Z-Gun range, the XL-EVO is fitted with an increased action with a variable weight structure which can be adjusted by the shooter themselves; the two side plates can be exchanged with others of a different weight. This innovation completely reflects the concept ‘Between Hands Balance’ introduced by Zoli.

When shooting at professional level, having a gun that can be perfectly tuned is essential. The Zoli XL-EVO has been created specifically to fulfil such requirements thanks thanks to the variable weight of the ‘VGC’ action, to the dynamic ‘BHB’ device and adjustable comb. The XL-EVO is also fitted with a monolithic action, detachable trigger group with titanium components, self-lubricating springs, stainless steel bush firing pins, Boss-type locking system and silver soldered barrels.




The Zoli Kronos is fitted with a monoblock action made of forged stainless steel, with a detachable trigger group, Boss-type lock and a fully interchangeable stock. Its balanced design means that the Kronos is comfortable to hold, shoot and control with ease. It also boasts great ballistics, a widely recognised feature of all Zoli guns – ensuring state-of-the-art performance.

Zoli has been manufacturing barrels in-house for more than 50 years, and this component has always been considered key to ensure the best ballistics in a gun and manage recoil effectively.

The Zoli Kronos is available in Trap, Sporting and Skeet models. The receiver can be finished in silver or black (hot blued) and is made only in 12 gauge with a choice of 28”, 30” or 32” barrels.




Part of the Z-Gun Range, the Zoli Z-Sport is dedicated to the pursuit of shooting sports.

As with all Zoli guns, the Z-Sports engineering ensures that it is able to offer exceptionally low recoil, making for a more enjoyable and easily controlled shooting experience. 

Manufactured in-house, the barrels of the Z-Sport model are supplied with a tapered top rib and fully checkered, in keeping with classical tradition. An extra set of interchangeable barrels is also available on request, alongside the choice between a blued or silver finish - both adorned with clean engraving, decorated by an ornate border and complimented by the Z-Gun logo in relief.

Standard stocks are made from selected Turkish walnut wood, which are finely checkered and oil polished.


Z bella.jpg


The Z-Bella is unapologetically feminine. A gun designed and built exclusively for the female form. The result of over 2 years of careful and passionate research by the Zoli family and its technical teams.

All stock dimensions have been adapted to cater specifically to the structural needs of the female form, including the pistol grip, drop, length of pull, pitch and cast, with each stock equipped with an adjustable comb.

Available only in 12 gauge, the Z-Bella comes in a flat tapered rib with a choice of 28”, 30” or 31” barrel lengths, and with five interchangeable flush fittings or ¾ inch extended chokes. Upon request, the Z-Bella is also available in a mid-step rib or in a high adjustable rib in 30” barrel length.

The Z-Bella is offered in either a silver or black action, boasting elegant deep scroll engraving to the frame, tastefully embellished with Swarovski crystals. It is attractively presented, without sacrificing the technical nature of a product dedicated to competition shooting.

The Z-Bella comes equipped with BHB (Between Hands Balancer) in the pistol grip, a dynamic corrector used to customize and tune both the balance and swing dynamics of the shotgun. 

As with any Z-Gun product, the Z-Bella is equipped with a Boss type locking bolt, monolithic frame, silver soldered barrels, removable trigger mechanism with titanium coated components and lubricant springs, and bushing firing pins.




The Zoli Z-Extra benefits from upgraded wood and more detailed engraving that the standard Z-Sport model; featuring ornate English-style engraving complete with floral motifs, with the Z-Gun logo featured as a gold inlay to pleasantly contrast the antique silver finish of the gun.

True to tradition, the Z-Extra barrels are manufactured in-house and feature a top tapered rib, flat and fully checkered. An extra set of interchangeable barrels are available for this model, upon request. The stock is also interchangeable, and comes as standard made from selected Turkish Walnut, finely checkered and displaying a luxuriously vivid grain.

Thanks to the various barrel lengths and gauges available, the Z-Extra is able to cater to almost any specification.




The Zoli Pernice reflects the classic tradition of game guns, with exquisite scroll engraving – totally finished by hand and signed by the famous Bottega incisioni. Uniquely, the Pernice is a true round body model, with a fully rounded frame, machined from a monolithic forged steel alloy with a Zoli removable trigger group. All trigger parts are titanium nitrate treated for maximum corrosion resistance, while main springs are coated with a self-lubricating material to preserve their strength over time.

As standard with Zoli guns, the Pernice features silver soldered barrels and is equipped with a top solid Churchill rib. The stock is crafted from a fine Turkish Walnut with fine hand checkering and is hand finished in a luxe oil.

The Pernice is available in 12, 20, 28 and .410 ga. 

Pernice Engraving

The engraving creation for the Pernice, a true round body Boss action over and under shotgun, was born from a collaboration between Zoli and Bottega Incisioni, the world renowned engraving studio with a 60-year history of engraving the finest guns in existence. Bottega Incisioni has earned international acclaim for their exquisitely unique designs and ability. Each Pernice action is signed "Bottega Incisioni" as a mark of authenticity.

The new Zoli Pernice presented unique challenges for the engraving design as it is the first Boss style action to be truly rounded on all 4 sides in a flowing synchronous form. There are no flat sides. The action seems to grow organically from the long, slender barrels rearward into the graceful lines Prince of Wales stock. It looks and handles like a strong and graceful arm extended to the horizon.

The engraving pattern required a unique approach so as to enhance the natural flow of the action body. Bottega Incisioni created an exceptional design which enhances the slender rounded features and allows the layout to be done mechanically, thus giving the hand engravers plenty of time to apply liberal use by hand of the hammer and chisel. The design uses low relief, high contrast scroll created from intertwined Acanthus Spinosus leaves – a leaf with deepveins. Acanthus scroll is often found in Grecian architecture (and the English countryside). Its floral motives draw the eye to the flowing lines of the Pernice.

The carved surface of the low relief engraving on the Pernice is deeply hand shaded to enhance contrast and color.The leaves are shaded to create volume and flow. The artist’s vision allowed the engraving of the leaves to flow like vines and be the living connection intertwining the barrels through the rounded action and growing into the stock.


Ambassador EL_edited.jpg


All guns in the Z-Gun range are supplied with an action made from a forged stainless steel monoblock, detachable trigger group, titanium coated parts, self-lubricating springs and Boss-type lock.

Designed and built for hunting, both at home and abroad, the Expedition EL model is a complete package for the game shooter. The Z-Expedition EL boasts a striking aesthetic – equalling that of prestigious market contenders – and commands a performance reaching far beyond the standard of other similar guns.

The Z-Expedition EL features English-style engraving in antique silver, covering an impressive 90% of the action. To the sides, two distinct ovals stand out with a gold partridge to one side and a gold woodcock to the other. The stock is carved from Turkish Walnut and shows a luxuriously vibrant grain, with finely cut checkering and hand-finished oil polish. The butt plate is also constructed from wood, with fine checkering and the stock boasts a Prince of Wales style pistol grip.

In addition, Every Z-Expedition EL gun is supplied with 5 interchangeable chokes and is contained in a case with combination lock, approved for air travel.

The Z-Expedition EL is available in 12, 20 and 28 gauge with a choice of barrel lengths.




The Columbus field O/U shotgun is another product resulted from the “Classic Revolution” ZOLI embraced at the turn of the century to completely renew its offer. The shotgun has been totally upgraded from a technical and cosmetic standpoint. Now it comes with technical features which used to be found only on high grade guns manufactured in small volumes such as solid action, detachable trigger group, Boss-type locking system and silver soldered barrels which capitalize on 50 years of experience and set new ballistic standards.

Cosmetically the shotgun competes with the best hunting guns on the market thanks to its refined engraving, stock in select walnut, fine checkering, rubber butt plate and compact dimensions.

The Columbus comes in different versions suitable for traditional walk up hunting as well as woodcock, rabbit and wild boar hunting.

The trigger group can be quickly removed from the solid action using a small wrench supplied with the gun. The trigger group is easy to replace and service when needed. Every side of the Columbus action features elegant game scene engraving.

The “Columbus” comes with a pheasant in flight engraved on the bottom while flying partridges and ducks embellish the sides. In the “Columbus Gold” the scenes are the same as the Columbus, but in gold.





The fascinating history of Zoli starts in 1945 and runs through significative periods, sometimes even critical ones. In spite of the many adversities, production always managed to continue, making the brand become a synonym for tradition and innovation. Constant research and passion have ensured ceaseless product evolution, with an abundance of state-of-the-art solutions, while maintaining traditions at the same time. In fact, at Zoli’s we firmly believe that innovation and tradition can, and indeed should coexist, as shown by our production. Although revolutionary from a mechanical and performance point of view, these guns still offer a classical look, fitting the traditional stylistic canons that belong to a period when the fundamental principles of gun making art and a strong aesthetic sensibility, albeit affordable only to a few people, gave the opportunity to skilful artisans to manufacture guns that were almost works of art.

Since 1990, Zoli Custom Shop has built magnificent guns too, manufactured for the more sophisticated hunters and shooters. The custom line aims to produce unique pieces that can satisfy the most demanding palates, a result that is achieved combining together different ingredients, converging into today’s production thanks to Zoli’s long experience.

The Ambassador line is currently the star of the Z series, offering an entry level to Zoli’s custom shop.

All Ambassador models are identifiable thanks to the action and monoblock manufactured by master artisans with the chisel technique. The result is immediately recognisable: a semi-round action with perfect volumes and lines that harmoniously fit with the stock.

Zoli’s long experience suggested the following configurations, that should meet most hunting and shooting needs:
1. Ambassador ELC
2. Ambassador ELC Gold
3. Ambassador ELT
4. Ambassador Regent
5. Ambassador SEL
6. Ambassador SELG
7. Ambassador Pernice

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