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Peter Gardner Gunsmith are Zoli Premier Dealers

Based outside Newport Pagnell, off junction 14 on the M1, we regularly hold Zoli Demo Days where you can come and try the Zoli range of shotguns at our shooting ground

Over the last 40+ years, Peter Gardner Gunsmith and Sherington Shooting Centre have had the opportunity to buy, sell, use, work on, and own, many many different makes of shotgun.


Some makes fall by the wayside, some visit our workshops more than others, but a few just get better and better.  We are proud to say at the top of this list is Zoli, who are, in our opinion, the only premium manufacturer where, because of their broad range of sporting and game guns, we can recommend a gun to suit any shooter.  Please follow the link above to see the Zoli shotgun range.


Antonio Zoli has been involved in the manufacture of firearms for hundreds of years. Tucked away in beautiful northern Italy at the foot of the Alps, they changed their design and manufacturing capabilities some years ago and started making some of the best guns on the market.


This revolution lead to hand detachable trigger units, one-piece actions, bushed and vented percussion systems, a discrete but very strong locking bolt, not to mention the best stocks to provide comfort and feel, and guns with an outstanding balance.  Please follow the link above to learn more about Zoli technology.


It's true many shooters won't know what all of these things are. We and Zoli understand that but know the gun will feel better and work better because of the things that can't even be seen.


As for what can be seen -the overall appearance of Zoli guns- we encourage you to look, and try them, for yourselves. With Sporting models like the Kronos, Z Sport, Z Extra, Evo and Ambassador to name but some, and game models such as the Columbus, Expedition, the stunning round-bodied Pernice and more, there is something for everyone. The Custom shop goes one step further and means you can order a gun with your stock measurements, choice of engraving, choice of wood, chokes etc.


There is no better way to decide if you deserve a Zoli than shooting one, which can be arranged at our shooting ground. Be warned, once you shoot a Zoli you may regret not owning one years ago.

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